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金沙在线娱乐平台:Property related funds lead the year results list

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内容摘要: This year, the sudden emergence of real estate sector, makingreal estate net worthsoaring. The latest statistics show that more than 10 rea...

This year, the sudden emergence of real estate sector, making real estate net worth soaring. The latest statistics show that more than 10 real estate related funds during the year over 15% return, of which two real estate classification of funds 7 _ 89456 _ 8 _ 65473 _ 9 years return of more than 50%, Wanjia fund company more than heavy real estate stocks active equity fund returns during the year Over 13%.

real estate related funds led

statistics show that as of January 16, 11 real estate index fund returns during the year more than 15.8%, the real estate industry, China and Thailand index grading permit B Return Fund during the year up 54.57 percent, the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 estate investment Equal weight index grading B Fund year return of 50.7%. Penghua real estate rating B, Changsheng Securities real estate index grading B more than 20% of revenue during the year.

Judging from the performance of actively managed funds, heavyweights related to real estate stocks have escalated. As of January 16, 4 funds of have more than 13% of their annual returns, of which 10,000 are macro-selective The interim return of the hybrid funds was 17.24%, ranking the first place among the active management funds during the year. The returns of the hybrid funds of Wanjia Xinli Flexible Configuration and Wanjiao Mixed were over 14% during the year, and the annual return of Wanjiaruixing was 13.54% .

000 Fund The above four fund products by the company's investment research director Mo Haibo management, optimistic about the property stocks, real estate stocks have been substantially increased. According to the data from the end of the third quarter of last year, the market value of the real estate industry of Wanjia Macro Strategic Multi-Strategy Mixed Fund accounted for as much as 53.63% of the market capitalization of stock positions. The market value of Wanjia Xinli mixed-allocation real estate industry accounted for 41.79% of the market value of stock positions.

Everbright Pramerica Fund The company's three funds also Shigekura real estate section, including Everbright Pramerica Advantage Fund real estate market positions accounted for the market value of the stock market share of 38.25%, the fund yield of 14.99% during the year; Everbright Pramerica made in China 2025 Fund holdings Real estate market share value of the stock market value as high as 46.94%, up 17% during the year.

real estate section or the market outlook is still expected

real estate plate rose? How to interpret next? Ten thousand fund view, this year, a notable feature of the real estate industry is the industry concentration will be significantly improved, followed by the big company's brand and scale effects have become increasingly prominent, the advantage will be more obvious, coupled with the current The leading real estate valuation is still not high, the future real estate leading unit is still expected.

From a financial perspective, the recent multi-value fund managers new funds, have received billions of yuan or even tens of billions of yuan of funds subscription. It seems the industry view, this year the market blue-chip value style remains unchanged, real estate as a key weight plate, no matter from the valuation level or the sale and purchase and other policy levels, the next there are still opportunities.

Data show that since 2018, the north fund repeatedly net buy real estate leading stocks, Vanke A 12 trading days to board the list of the top ten active stocks Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock, including 8 days of the net buy. Poly Real Estate The top ten active shares in the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect have been listed on the 9 trading days.

Private fund positions from the situation, as early as last December, many private equity increased the layout of real estate stocks. According to statistics released by China Resources Trust on the monthly private placement report, private placement in December last year focused on chemical industry, real estate and food and beverage industries Three industries.





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